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As business owners, we understand the challenges of providing health benefits for ourselves and our employees. Insurance plans that seem to meet the needs of our staff and families turn out to have high premiums, deductibles, copays, and out-of-network costs—insurance we can’t actually afford to use. Plans often cut their costs by locking us into restricted networks and drug formularies, limiting freedom to choose the right providers or get the right medications for our health care. This puts us at risk that we won’t get the care we need to stay healthy and productive. 

Each year we must brace for premium increases, often in double digits. This inability to predict health care costs year-to-year presents risk to our businesses and makes it difficult to grow.

An improved Medicare-for-all, universal single-payer system of health care financing would reduce and stabilize our health care costs. It would allow owners and managers to focus on running our businesses, rather than wasting time dealing with the complexities of providing private insurance. A system covering every resident, with fully comprehensive coverage, funded through a simplified payroll premium clearly spelled out for both employers and employees, would level the playing field among businesses.

It's time to have a health care system that can support business in the 21st century. Private health insurance wastes hundreds of billions of dollars on administration. It is damaging our economy, suffocating our businesses, discouraging physicians, and hurting the nation's health, while remaining unaffordable for a third of our citizens.

That's why we are coming together to tell our elected officials to FIX IT and implement an improved Medicare-for-all, single-payer universal health plan.

All business owners—large or small—are encouraged to endorse this statement to show that the business community supports an improved Medicare-for-all, comprehensive single-payer universal health plan.

If you agree, please complete the information below. 

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Michael Yezzi
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Kelly Diemond
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Mary McConnell
Peter Lawrence
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Cindy Wheeler
Kristin Melkin
Ashley Burson
Karl LaRocca
Jonathan Reiss
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