"Another Business" Window + Photo Project


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Print a Window Sign (letter size available)


Take the photo: Take a few photos to make sure we have a usable one:

Examples here.

Definitely take a vertical shot

Horizontal shot might be useful

Shot in front of business sign is good for the business

Shot in front of product can be more visually stunning sometimes

*we will in our posts write a caption for everything too so biz name will be connected even if not in photo

Things to think about when taking photos:

Often people hold the sign to their left or right. It is generally best to have them hold the sign in front of their chest, below their face.

If someone is camera shy or has beautiful product, feel free to take a photo of the sign in the product (i.e. sign styled with flowers at a flower shop)

Are they in focus?

Is the lighting sufficient?

Any weird facial or hand gestures?

Any weird products in background?

*Let the owner know that this will be shared across social media and on websites (Campaign and possibly partner websites).


Ask for a testimonial/quote to go with the photo

Sample questions:

Why do you support NYHA?

Why is universal single-payer health care good for your business?

How does health care affect your business?


“Everyone deserves health care.”


“The New York Health Act makes health care affordable and predictable - this will allow me to focus on business instead of keeping up with health insurance shenanigans.”


“We currently pay 100% of the exorbitant health insurance costs for our employees because we want them to take care of their health, not sink in financial stress. The New York Health Act would save us money so we can grow our business and hire more people!”


Ask the business to post the sign in their window or on counter

Can we get every business on a major street to have signs up? Signs in every favorite businesses of our elected officials?

Email to [email protected]:

SUBJECT LINE: Another Business Photo Project

Your name

Your phone

Business name

Business city/neighborhood

Person in photo (first name and last)


Attach photo/s